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Czexport Office, first czech music export office, is set to open in autumn 2015.
Please note this is not an official website. Czexportoffice.eu will be available along with catalogue and calendar soon.
For any questions / general inquiries please use info@czexportoffice.eu.

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Czexport Office helps artists, labels, events and other subjects based in Czech Republic to promote their music and activities worldwide. The office provides information on Czech independent music scene to the markets, the media and the wide international audience, selects highlights about what’s going on in Czech Republic. Expect only As, no duds or turkeys, and choice cuts now and then. On the other side of the line, it encourages and co-ordinate Czech artists to participate in events and festivals abroad, supports their activities and keeps the scene up-to-date about the opportunities for exposure and export.
Czexport Office was created in 2015 by independent, non-profit organization Keep Your Eyes Open based in Prague, Czech Republic, with the aim of initiating, assisting and facilitating the promotion and marketing of Czech young, fresh & talented musicians of all genres outside Czech borders and to promote active exchange between heart of Europe and other countries.
Czexport Office conspires with Czeching, Czech Radio’s project supporting non-mainstream, alternative local scene, Czech Music Crossroads showcase festival and conference and Full Moon music magazine. Office’s crew values quality, reliability, credibility, knowledge flow, idea flow, sense of humour, hospitality and very personal yet professional approach.

m i s s i o n

- To create an active platform promoting Czech artists abroad.
- To participate on international events.
- To provide education to/on the Czech music scene.
- To collect information and communicate it along the music industry.

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Jana Grygarová (*1983), ex Kačurová, a.k.a. Apačka, is the founder and senior editor of Full Moon music magazine, events promoter and production manager in k.y.e.o. NPO, radio presenter and DJ and various local media contributor. She studied communication, media & journalism and political science, starting her career in 2004 at Freemusic.cz (editor-in-chief in 2007), going on to contribute to the cultural column at Czech national newspaper Lidové Noviny until 2010, while freelancing for A2, Rock&Pop, Reflex, Respekt, HYPE, Živel among others. She's in the jury of Czech music awards Vinyla, Apollo and alternative category of Anděl, Czech Radio's Czeching, 1band2play talent competition and other music involving projects. She's published two e-books, and is an avid blogger and traveler. Find her on linkedin, facebook, twitter, tumblr or last.fm.